Elf Lip Stain & Gloss Review

by - July 22, 2013

Hei hei hei~<3!
Today I want to review Elf Lip stain & gloss in #10621.. It's babypink color with transparant gloss.. 

So, let's start :D

 Left : Lip stain, Right : Lip gloss

Both Wand

 Swatch on my hand (With out flash)

Swatch on my hand (with flash)

 my bare lips

my lips used elf lip stain

my lips used elf lip stain + gloss (Sorry blur picture >.<)

-great size for traveling
-multifunction gloss (because it's transparant, I can used it with my other lip tint / to create gradation ulzzang lips)

- I really don't like the smell! it smell like chemical :(
- not moisturizing

thank you for visit my blog ;)

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  1. ohh i like the color you choose. but i dont think i'd like the chemical smell :(

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