Etude Color Me Nude & Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry

by - July 10, 2013

Hi Girls! ^^

Today I'll review about Etude House color me nude lip concealer and nivea fruity shine strawberry lip balm..
Let's Start~!!!
Etude House Color Me Nude (Outside)

 Etude House Color Me Nude (Inside)

Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry (Outside)

Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry (Inside)

(Left : Etude Color Me Nude,
Right : Nivea fruity shine)

The nivea fruity shine strawberry looks more peachy here than how it's look in the out side,
But when I use it on my lips, it give me red look (it's depending of your lips color)

Bare lips

used Etude Color Me Nude lips

used Etude color me nude + Nivea fruity shine strawberry lips

I thought not much different when I used the lip concealer and nivea lip balm or not.. It's just give me a soft pink matte look..
But, I recommend this for you who have dark lips, because the lip concealer can cover up your dark lips first, and then it can give you natural looks lips when you use the lip balm ^^

Btw, This is my first time make a review about beauty product >.< so if you have an advice for me, please comment ;)
I hope this review useful for you :D

Thank you for visiting my Blog <3~!

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