Etude Fresh Cherry Tint PK001 Review

by - July 22, 2013

Hello :D

Today I want to review Etude fresh cherry tint in PK001.. actually it comes in 4 shades, PK001, PK002, OR201, and RD301

okay, let's start! :D
The Tint :D  

 The magic wand <3

 Swatch on my hand ^^

 When it's blended :)

 my bare lips >.<

my lips after used Etude fresh cherry tint PK001

-Cute packaging
-it's quite moisturizing
-the color come out just with 1 sweep
-the cherry smell :9 very yummy :D like a candy
-perfect for everyday used ^^

-NOTHING! I'm in Love with this tint!

DEFINITELY!! <3 love this tint! :D

So, have you tried this etude fresh cherry tint? what do you think? ^^

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