Y.E.T (yes enjoy time) Perfection Gel Eyeliner #01 Black Review

by - July 15, 2013

Hello!! :D

Today I will review Y.E.T (yes enjoy time) Perfection Gel Eyeliner. It has 2 shade#01 Black and #02 Brown. Mine is the black one.
So, Let's start!

 have 2 items of this gel eyeliner but both is black, I regret not bought 1 black and 1 brown T-T

I used Etude House Eye&Concealer Brush to apply this eyeliner. This brush is so soft :D

Opened eye

Closed eye

I really lovelovelove the etude house brush! it's really soft and has a really good angle to apply your gel eyeliner <3 But this Y.E.T perfection gel eyeliner texture make this brush rigid after I used it T-T I dunno why..

Oh, and this gel eyeliner is waterproof! but I hate when this gel eyeliner make my brush rigid *arghh* But it's ok since the result is really good >//<

I Hope this review useful for you ^^
Thank youu for read~!!! <3

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