Blinky Christmas Nails~

by - December 24, 2013

How are you guys? ^^

Today I do nail art with christmas theme~ 
I inspired from christmas tree with the ornaments and light so I make it looks very blinky haha 

actually I really enjoy do nail art since I'm in junior high school but this is my first time blogging about my nail art :D

Too much sparkles? No, it is not~ It's called "BLINKY" haha lol

this are the nail polish that I used to make the nail art :
studio color #54 - look ever #90 - beautistyle #42 - beautisyle #185

and I use Bogian nail art brush number #1 to make the dots. This is my first time use nail brush to make nail art, before this I always use toothpick from my kitchen haha lol~
by the way, I used nail glue to stick the sparklers in my nails ^^
I hope you enjoy your christmas eve tonight!
Merry christmas to all of you who read this post~ hohohos
See you on my next post <3!

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