Dolly Look Tutorial

by - December 30, 2013

Hello ladies~ how are you?? I hope you doing fine (^O^)/

Today I make turitorial for you who want to get dolly look without circle lens.
I try to not wear circle lens to make this look because some people maybe want to wear their glasses like I usually do because they have minus eyes or have problem wearing circle lense~ So here's the look >O<


I'm sorry because the picture is too much, actually I have more of them but I don't want to make this post as a picture spam (which I already did haha lol~)
And here's the turitorial of this dolly make-up look that you're waiting for, Yayy <3 (what the..?? :P)
To get this look you only have to follow the 7 step bellow ^^
First, use BB cream to cover your uneven skin. I used etude house Bright fit light beige. 

 Second, put eyelid tape so your eyes become more bigger.

 Third, Use your favorite eyeliner. I used perfection gel eyeliner from Y.E.T (review here)

Fourth, make aegyo sal or smile eyes (see how to make aegyo sal here)

Fifth, wear your favorite falsies. I used dolly wink sweet cat number 10.

Sixth, make gradation lips. I use etude color lip nude concealer (review here) and Y.E.T very mery tint red apple (review here)

and the last is blush your cheek with soft pink color. I used etude house kissful tint choux tangerine (review here)
If you wear circle lense with this look it's gonna be perfect because your eyes will bigger and have Blinky effect haha *O*
 I hope this turitorial useful for you~
See you on my next post<3!

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  1. matanya lucu deh :3
    hahaha, good luck ya buat MUC nya ^^
    aku juga suka make up like a doll, cuma belum perfect XD
    btw, i've followed your blog ^^
    mind to follow back? thank you ^^

    1. thank you dear ^^
      masih sama-sama latihan kok haha
      followed yah~

  2. Bagus aegyo-sal nyaa XD coba kalo ditambah softlens pasti jd perfect >< Good luck yahh :D

    i'm following you, mind to follow me back? :)
    Thankies pretty ♥

    1. iya hehe, skrng lg pake yg bening sih jd d pake juga ga kliatan >.<
      followed yah ^^

  3. you look soo cute~~ followed back too ^^

  4. mukanya tirus bnggettttttttt *D*
    followed your blog! :)

  5. your jawline is soo perfect!
    cute ^^