Etude house Baking powder BB deep cleansing foam

by - December 17, 2013

Hei hei ^^

Today I'll review facial foam from etude house. it is baking powder BB deep cleansing foam. this foam contain baking powder and the function is to clean up BB cream on your face.

Only a little you already can make your face clean~!

After I use BB cream this morning, I try to wash my face with this cleansing foam without use cleansing cream or make-up remover first! and the result is so amazing!!!!! If you don't trust me, I have pictures for the proof here :D

 This is the cotton that I already poured make-up remover into it

 This is the cotton after I wiped it all over my face (after I washed my face with the cleansing foam ofcourse)!
It's so amazing! I feel like I just need this cleansing foam to clean all my face :D
I think this cleansing foam can clean my face like this because it contain baking powder that can cleanse dirt~ If you want to know more just browsing about baking powder / baking soda and you will know what I mean ^^
So regret I don't try this cleansing foam for a long long time :(
I definitely will buy this cleansing foam in full size >//<

Thank you for read ladies~ see ya on my next post <3!

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