Etude house Wonder Pore Freshner 500 ml Review

by - December 17, 2013

Hello guys~

Today I'll review wonder pore freshner from etude house. 
Wonder pore freshner has 2 size, 250 ml and 500 ml. 
Mine is 500 ml and it's comes with a pump.

the bottle of 500 ml size is so BIG~ O.O

 Total pore solution 7 in 1 :
-deep cleanse pores
-maintain ph 4.5 :1
-control a large amount of the sebum
-minimize apperance of pores
-refine the skin tones
-keep the elacticity of pores
-moisturize inside and outside of skin

 "I'm the wonder woman for your pores" >.<

 The pump

 Just put cotton in above the pump ada push it ~ then wipe it all over your face ^^
There's 2 different way to use this wonder pore freshner. First as a toner & second as a face spray. To use it as a face spray you just have to pour this wonder pore freshner to the spray bottle and spray it to your face~ It's more efficient to bring while you traveling too :D you don't want to bring this with the bottle don't ya? -_-" haha

This wonder pore freshner is very suitable for combination / oily skin because it makes your pores feels soooooo clean~! After I used this I can feel that my face is so clean, fresh, and my pores become smaller day by day ^O^ I don't think this toner suitable for dry skin because it's wipe away all the oily in my face :)
Thanks for read ladies~ see you on my next post <3!

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