It's Skin baby face petit blusher #04 Peach Review

by - December 20, 2013

Hello ladies~

Today I'll review blush on from It's Skin. It is baby face petit blusher~
It has 4 shade : lovely pink, lavender, red pink, and peach. Mine is #04 peach~

The packaging is so cuteee!!!! Kawaiii~ <3 but the wings is not the part of the blush, it's printed in the outer of the plastick T-T

 The puff is useless for me, but I forgive it because the puff is so kawaii~ at least I can save it as my collection right? ^^

There's baby face pattern in the blusher but mine is already gone because I often use it

 The color doesn't show well, even I apply it many times the color still not shown up.

 This is the look after I apply it to my cheek many times =_="

unfortunately this blush doesn't do anything to my cheeks T-T maybe because of the color~ besides I love the kawaii packaging >//< 
If I have to rate it in range 5, I'll give 1.5 just for the packaging~
Maybe the color of other shade will shown up well than the peach one, like the #03 red pink I think?
Alright, I hope this review useful for you, see you on my next post <3!

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