How to make Aegyo sal or Smiles Eye

by - December 10, 2013

Aegyo sal is eye bag that shown under your eyes when you're smile that make you looks cute >w<

Left : Aegyo sal
Right : Bare eyes

Lately Aegyo sal or Smiles eye is really famous. Moreover after etude house launch cute eyes maker. I want to buy it but the price is so expensive.
So I browsing how to make aegyo sal on my own and all you need only matte brown eyeshadow and eye tear drop or shimmery eyeshadow. 
I use The face shop lovely me:ex eyes PK107 and Viva cream eyeshadow brown (indonesia local brand).

Viva cream eyeshadow brown

The face shop lovely me:ex eyes PK107

Fill the pink line with shimmery eyeshadow
Fill the brown line with brown eyeshadow

Apply brown eyeshadow

Apply shimmery eyeshadow

I hope this turitorial useful for you, See you on my next post~ <3!

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