Let Me Know CC Cream - Secret Key Review

by - December 07, 2013

 Hello~ how are you?? I hope you're fine.. ^^

Today I want to review let me know CC cream from secret key.
This CC cream is mixed cream of skin care + make up with 1:1 ratio for skin tone fix.

What it did :
- Whitening and wrinkle repair
- Correct dark and dull skin
- Cover uneven skin and pores
- Create natural, smooth, & moisturizing
- 5 free system (paraben, mineral oil, benzephenone, animal oil, & alcohol)

So, let's see how it works~

Korean hangeul that I don't understand what it means ~_~

It contains 30ml and has SPF 50/ PA+++

(Left to Right)

From white color turn to match my skin tone


See the differences?

It gives you natural look and brighten your skin tone also make it glowy~ but It not cover all my blemish. Maybe it works on people who already have flawless skin.
If you want a better covering it's better to use BB cream than CC cream.
I hope this review useful for you, see you on my next post~ <3!

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