Secret key snow white cream VS holika holika miracle real skin finish oily/combination Review

by - December 15, 2013


today I'm going to do make-up base comparison from secret key snow white cream and holika holika real skin finish for combination / oily skin.

Left :  secret key snow white cream
Right : holika holika real skin finish combination/oily

After it blended

When I use snow white cream on my face it don't make my skin whiter like what it say, just make my skin looks more softer.
the holika holika one that I bought is for combination/oily skin but after I use it my face still oily even become more oily :(

If I have to chose from both I prefer snow white cream because it doesn't make my skin more oily.
I hope this comparison useful for you~ see you on my next post! <3

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