My Best Moment in 2013

by - December 31, 2013

Hello loveliesssss~~~<3
30 minutes to go before 2014 and we'll start brand new year!!! Yayyy ^O^
and I'll spend this last time to write bogspot about my "Best moment in 2013" and this is also being my last post in 2013! Yayyy <3
I want to share the best moment of mine in this year :D
In this blogpost will be so many pictures because I had so many happy moment at the beginning of 2013! >O<
I wrote this because I want to remember all things that happens to me in 2013 so I won't forget all things that going on (just in case lol)

Okay let's startooo~

First, On January, I become one of ten lucky girls to join style renewal by FIMELA.COM to have experience like Asia's next top model that cooperate with Asia's next top model & Tresemme >.< 
I got make over by Chandra gupta salon, I also met Nadya Hutagalung & I have a photo shoot with Todd Anthony Tyler! How amazing~?!!

This is the result of my photo shoot with Todd!
I super duper love it!! actually I have a dream to become a model and before I reached it I already feel how is it to being top model haha lucky me Yayy~<3

This is when the photo shoot began~
I took this from FIMELA.COM twitter :D

Selfie after photo shoot lol~

 And this is me with Todd anthony tyler & Nadya hutagalung!!!
I tell you she is so beautiful! her face looks so fresh! the first time I see her in real I just like "WOW! OMG! SHE LOOKS SO YOUNG!!" and by the way her heels is so high like 15cm, that must be hurt if I'm wear that haha, I just wear 7cm heels >.<

With Todd Tyler & Nadya Hutagalung

by the way, I got the make over at Chandra gupta salon and This is the result before I have the photo shoot :D

This is me with Mr. Chandra Gupta, the owner of Chandra gupta salon~
He's so kind to me~
With Chandra Gupta
this one taken by ci Una~ my Besties that I got from the Style renewal!
Look how he's so excited with my hair haha lol~

Group photoo~~!!!!

You can watch the video of this style renewal in here
and you can read the article here and here
From this style renewal I got many goodie bags from tressemme! even not only goodie bag, I also got make-up box and the shoes that I wear on the photo shoot from STACCATO!!

Still on January.
This me when I invited to Sebastian Gunawan Fashion show :
♡♔La Route De La Soie ♔♡

I only have this picture because take this photo with my phone and I capture all things in there with jiejie Una camera T-T still don't get the photos from her :( but that's fine because I have this one haha lol and after I got the pictures I'll update ASAP ^^
by the way, I met many people from FIMELA.COM in this event! so happy to meet them again! ^^

On March I have Java - Bali overland tour from my school, that's because I'm in travel department high school and I also learn how to manage a tour and become a tour guide~ It's quite fun la ^^ and one thing that I got from this tour is "KUTA BEACH  IS SO HOTTT!!"

This when I'm at Bedugul lake
I touch the top of the temple!! (like what..?? haha lol)


Next when I'm at Bromo mountain
I reach there at 4 pm, still so dark and damn cold!
I only wear slipper and I bought gloves in there..
even the sand is so cold~

 by the way I reached the top of bromo mountain!! Yay for me because I don't wear mask and sulfur smell makes me breathless


came back with horse because I'm damn tired :(

Want to see me with my practical school unifrom? ^^

On July I met my auntie again from Germany, she come every year to Indonesia but this time she came with her third son that just born about last 8 month if I'm not mistaken haha
This is me with him!!
Cute? NO! OVERLOAD CUTEEE~~ gyaa >//<

In the middle of July, I take picture of my hair that already so long and yes, my hair is so thick~

and in the last day of july I CUT MY BANG & HAIR !!
 The back of my hair is still long but the front is so short T-T
but I still like it la haha


and on December my lovely & best uncle is getting married!!! finally~


That's all My Best moment in 2013 ^^ by the way if you curious how I can remember all the month when all that things happens, it's because I see it on my facebook album caption haha lol
Also I wrote this post for about 3 hours and my back is hurts now T-T Thank you so much for you who already read this post haha >O<
I hope next year (or should I say tommorow) will be better and better for me and you~
Happy new year 2014

Love Yaaa~~<3

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  1. You're so cuteeee ^_^
    Hebat jadi model, semoga jadi model profesional ya tar ^_^
    Anak ii kamu cute abis dehhh. Ih cubit pipinya haha

  2. kawaiii ^^
    mind to follow each other?
    pls let me know :)