Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% soothing gel 300 ml Review

by - December 28, 2013

Hello ^^

Today I'll review Nature Republic Aloe vera 92% soothing gel.
It contains 300ml! so many... :D
it's enriched with 92% aloe vera , mild formula with 9 non added formula free from paraben, mineral oil, & artificial color.

you can use this in many way like in this picture
I often use this for mask pack after go out and get sunburn, body care, & nail essence.

 It's still so full haha.. I rarely use this because I'm too lazy :P but the expiry date is on 2016 so I don't worry about it lol

It's really moisturizing~ If you have dry skin you should have this soothing gel! It's also good to bring when you're go to beach or an island because the wearther is so hot and you may got sunburns and apply this gel to your skin make it feel so cool~
Alright, I hope this review useful for you~
Happy new year 2014 for everyone who read this!
see you on my next post <3!

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