Peripera tint balm #05 cherry pink and #06 orange red Review

by - December 05, 2013


Today I want to review my favourite lip tint balm from peripera. Like the name this tint is a mix between tint and balm, so you don't have to wear a lip balm before use this (・∀・*)
The packaging is so CUTEEE!!!
The design is by Mari Kim. 
She's also the one who make the music video for 2NE1 "Hate You"!

Peripera tint balm have 6 shade colors.
2 of them has lippie design in the center of the balm, it is shade #05 cherry pink and #06 orange red that I going to review 

Overload cuteeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

Only shade #05 and #06 that have lippie design in the center, that's why I bought this shade Hahaa (~‾ ▽‾)~ 

This tint stay on my lips for about 2 hours. The color is so cute when you apply it to your lips~
I personaly love both hihi (ノ≧∇≦)ノ
Thank you for read ~ <3 !

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  1. cute bgt ya packagingnya.. cb kalau tin nya warna2 pink gt :p
    aku ud follow km ya :)