Skin Food Good afternoon honey black tea BB SPF 20 PA+ Review

by - December 17, 2013

Hello~ how are you? I hope you're fine >.<

So, I'm going to review BB cream from Skin food. It is Good afternoon Honey black tea BB. It contain SPF 20 PA+. This BB cream has 5 varieties: Rose lemon tea, Berry berry tea, peach green tea, Apple cinnamon tea, and honey black tea.

 The texture is not too creamy or watery so it's very easy to blend~ I like it :D

Oh my bare face >.< Right now so many acne on my face arghhh *scream*
My bare face
 As you can see in the picture below, the redness on ma face looks softer~
After used the BB cream

After I used this BB cream my face looks brighter and more soft & smooth, also the redness on my face almost visible but if you look closer the scars and redness not covered well T-T
This BB cream is really good for people who already have flawless skin and suitable for everyday use~
Maybe I'll buy the full size if I don't have acne trouble arghh *hiks :'(
I hope this review useful for you~ see you on my next post <3!

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