Double Eyelid tape review

by - December 15, 2013

Today I'm going to review 3 types of my eyelid tape.
I have monolid eyes so I have to use eyelid tape if I want to have double eyelid, plus it makes my eyes bigger~!

First is my favorite eyelid tape from shiseido

It contains 50 pairs.

gyaaaa >//< double eyelid (^O^)/

The second is Black eyelid tape. I bought this at drugs store. This eyelid tape has 2 type and colors. the small & big type, and the black & skin color.

this is the spatulla to help making double eyelid

It contains 160 pairs

Sorry, blurry pict >.<
As you can see, this eyelid tape is simple when you in rush wearing eyeliner, because you just have to add eyeliner in both side of the eyelid tape.

The third is eyelid tape which both side can stick on your eyelid.

 to use this eyelid tape you have to remove the white paper (like in this picture) and stick it on your eyelid, then look up.

 Voilaa~ Both side stick on your eyelid and here's the look.

Many people have to cut the eyelid tape to make the shape suits their eyelid so if you have eyelid tape and it doesn't suit your eyelid, just cut it  ^^
see you on my next post! <3

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