Geo Princess Flower "Grey" Review

by - January 19, 2014

Hello~ how are you girls? ^O^

Finally after more than 2 weeks I can blogging because right now I'm on the job training for 3 months!
High school life is so tiring!!! *hiks* TwT

Btw, Today I want to review circle lens from GEO.
So, last day I bought new circle lens because my circle lens right now already close to the expiry date.
It is GEO Princess Flower in Grey color. 

All GEO softlens comes with bottle packaging
I don't like the bottle design :v not interesting at all ToT
btw, I always have trouble opening the bottle cap from GEO >w<

Here's more information about this lens :
Diameter : 15mm
Water content : 38%
LIfe span : 1 year
Available colour : Brown, Grey, Blue, Green, Violet
Power : 0.00 - 6.00

Pattern Detail
The ribbon pattern is so kawaii!!!!! 

Here's the enlargement effect and my eyes transformation with false lashes & eyelid tape :
with flash

I know my left eye is more bigger than my right eye #sosad T~T
sometimes I think about doing eyelid surgery to have double eyelid and make my eyes size the same but still so scared because unfortunately I've seen the eyelid surgery video on youtube WTF

Okay, this is pictures of me wearing GEO Princess Flower Grey

Conclusion :
- This lens is super comfortable
- Cheapyyyy Yayy~<3
- Good enlargement for dolly look
- The colors really looks natural
- The water content 38%
- Cute ribbon pattern

I bought this circle lens from Softlens Asia ^^
you can also follow them on instagram : @softlensasia
They have so many promo ;)
Btw, wish me success for my on the job training :D
See You on my next post! <3

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