Secret Key Snail +EGF repairing Gel Cream Review

by - January 02, 2014

Hey guys~

Today I'm going to review snail+EGF repairing gel cream from secret key. there's 2 type of cream from this line, cream and gel cream.

It contains 50 ml. It has perfume that smells like flower.

This gel is so light and absorb really fast. this is good for oily skin too~

Many people said this gel cream is really good for acne troubled skin especially if you combine this with Secret Key starting treatment essence (review here)~ I already used this with secret key STE for more than two weeks and it makes my skin brighter but my acne problem don't get any better~ maybe it'll give different result on your skin because I have combination-most oily skin.

Left = without | Right = with
It's really moisturizing and absorb really fast~ If you have oily skin maybe you want to try this gel cream ^^
Okay, See you on my next post <3!

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  1. Aku juga pakai ini smtara ini ^^ hehehe
    terasa lengket kalo pakenya kebanyakan.. ihihi
    nice review ^^

  2. Aku punya yang Repairing creamnya ^_^
    Dulu pengen coba yang ini, tapi sama OSnya direkomendasiin yang Cream haha.
    Nice review ^_^

  3. boleh ga sih remaja 18 thn pake yg series snail ini?
    apa ga berat kandungannya?