Tony Moly luminous pure aura cc cream review

by - January 03, 2014

Heyyyyyy~<3 ^^

Today I'll review luminious pure aura CC cream from tony moly
It has SPF 30 PA++ so I think this good for outdoor activities~
I got many samples from my haul last month~ fufufu <3

every CC Cream has grey beads
so when you rub it it will change the cream color to match your skin color
first apply

after about 30 second

This is after I apply the CC cream to my face

Left : WITH luminious pure aura CC cream
Right : WITHOUT luminious pure aura CC cream

This CC cream make my skin brighter and correting my skin tone.
I'm not fan of CC cream because I have many acne scars and cc cream can't cover it really well also I feel uncomfortable when I use CC Cream, I dunno why haha lol~ >//<
but if you don't have too many scars and want to brighten & correct your skin tone you may love this one
or you can mix this with your favorite BB cream like what I do (^O^)/
I hope this review useful for you <3
See you on my next post~! :*

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