Chinese new year make-up and outfit

by - February 06, 2014


First of all I want to say Happy chinese new year!! Gong xi fa cai.. yayy~!
I know it's already a little bit late but it's better than never right? ^^

So today I'll post about my make-up and outfit for CNY in 3 days :D
I write only a little so more pictures than letter, don't worry lol
Kay, Let's take a look~

This is the dress that I wear at first day~
My mom ordered this from her friend.
It's like family uniform I guess? because all of my family wear this dress except my dad of course haha
this picture taken at front of my house when we want to leave and this is the only one full body picture that day so... yeah ._.
*please ignore my body pose*

second day outfit

The make-up at the second day~

third day dress~

third day make-up is with out BB cream~
you can see my acne here T-T

sorry if I don't write much on this post because it's already so many pictures haha (like I want to read what you wrote here~! LOL)
I hope you get many ang bao gahaha ^O^
thank you for take a look~
see yaa~~<3

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