Make Over Trivia eye shadow "Indian summer" review

by - February 06, 2014

Hello guys~<3!
it's been so long since I'm blogging last month!
I still busy with my on the job training things until the end of march T~T

so today I'll review this trivia eye shadow from make over in Indian Summer ^^

This eye shadow contains 6 gr

This eye shadow has 3 shade and comes with a mirror inside
by the way, the applicator is gone but it just like another eye shadow applicator with 2 side sponge(?) and has black color

the three colors don't have a name on it so I just called it light pink, brown, and pink maroon (left-right)
Let's swatch on my hand~

with out flash, outdoor lightening

with flash

how it looks on my eyes?

actually I used this eye shadow for my Chinese New Year look ^O^
you can see it in my next post~
Thanks for reading <3
See Ya on my next post~! :*

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  1. Nah ini gue juga pernah coba ini! Cakep warnanyaaaa.. Walopun pink tapi masi natural.. Di mata lu juga cantik banget jadinya yaa.. <3

    1. iya warnany pink gitu tp tetep natural pas di pake ;) haha thanks ya ^O^