POND'S Acne Clear White 10 in 1 Facial Foam Review

by - February 18, 2014

As you know POND'S already launch new series for their product, it is POND'S Acne 10 in 1 solution
In this series POND'S has 3 products : Facial foam, Overnight pimple gel, and pimple cover & care
I already try all of the product in this series for about 2 weeks so I can review it now
In this post I'll review the facial foam. 
It says this foam fights 10 oil & acne problems and contains oil-absorbing herbal clay, acne fighting salicylic acid, and gentle, exfloiating scrub beads, plus skin brightening essence
I already use this facial foam for more than 2 weeks but this cleanser not suit my skin well so I stop using this foam because it cause me break out, so many pimples on my face right now hiks T~T

Let's see how it works with the make-up that I swatch in my hands
Up (left - right) :
-holika holika waterproof liner (here)
-etude oh my eyelash mascara (here)
-make over ultra shine lipstick (here)
-Y.E.T very mery tint (here)

Down (left - right) :
-make over trivia eyeshadow (here)
-face it cc cream
-holika holika miracle real skin finish

you can see the blue beads in this picture

And here's the result after I used the foam

The only stay there is my holika holika waterproof liner & etude house oh my eyelash volume mascara
the etude mascara is gone after I rub it but holika holika eyeliner still stay in my hand until now gahaha lol :D

Have you try this foam? How is it works on your face?
Btw, also read the Overnight pimple gel review (here) and the Pimple cover & care (here) from this series too~<3
Thanks for read~
See you on my next posts <3!

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