POND'S Overnight Pimple Care Gel Review

by - February 18, 2014

Hello guys~
As before I already explain about POND'S new series acne 10 in 1 solution in the facial foam review post (here), so I won't write it again haha lol ^O^
In this post I'll review the Overnight Pimple Care Gel

this picture may explain that this series has 3 products for cleanse, combat, and cover

The applicator is a pump which is hygienic I think
It also has cover for the pump
To use this, you just have to open the cover, turning the pump to the right, and push it
after you done just turn the pump to the left and then put the cover again *lol*

This Gel color is soft green, and smell like aloe vera
maybe because this contain aloe vera & salicylid acid 

This acne gel works through the night while you sleep so you better use this before you go to bed (of course la, the name is overnight pimple gel lol :D)
btw, it has cooling effect when you apply this gel to your face :)

I already stop using this acne gel because right now I use doctor skin care again that specialize for acne skin because the Pond's facial foam from this series cause me break out :'(
But this gel is totaly fine with my skin and it gives good result too~ maybe I'll just use this for new pimple that shown in my face after using my night cream ^^

And if you want to please read my review of Pond's pimple cover & care (here), it's concealer for acne skin that come in this series too~
Thank you so much for read <3
See ya on my next posts!

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