POND'S Pimple Cover & Care review

by - February 18, 2014

Hey Guys~<3!
So today I'll review Pimple cover & care from POND'S new series Acne 10 in 1 solution
Before I already review the facial foam (here) and the pimple care gel (here)

This is a concealer for acne skin to cover your redness & pimples

scrolled until the end


Actually I'm not fan of concealer because I'm too lazy to use concealer before BB cream, sometimes I just put more BB cream in some of my face area that need more covering
but I think this one is good when I just want to hang out with my friends or go to school because I just want to cover my pimples and redness, not all of my face

Okay, Let's see how it works on my face


It cover my redness really well~ And this concealer is really easy to blend and use!
I just have to dabdab this at my face area that I want to cover, then blend it with my finger
and voila, it covered!

Totally in love with this concealer! ^O^
Definitely repurchase~!!
Thanks for read~
See you on my next posts <3!

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  1. Ce, aku ada beli kaya gini terus cara makenya gimana ya ._.v
    aku belum tau pake concealer ce hehe :D


    1. haii sorry baru baca comment kamu :)
      pakenya d olesin aja ke bagian yg pgn ditutupin kayak jerawat atau bekas jerawat. abis itu di blend, kalau aku sih di blend pakai tangan supaya hasilya lebih natural ^^