Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack Review

by - March 12, 2014

Today I'll review Snow white milky pack from secret key!!
This is used to make your skin whiter and brighter~
At first I don't believe things like this but after read some reviews I decided to buy this milky pack ^^
In this Snow white series, secret key launched 2 products. Snow White Cream & Milky pack.
I already bought the snow white cream too.. It's like make-up base I think~ I rarely used the cream, but I really love this milky pack! <3

This product contained Niacinamide, from what I know, niacinamide has function to whiten your skin tone

Contains 200g

Let's see how it works!!

The texture is like body lotion but 'just' a little bit sticky

Spread the lotion~~

After 20 minutes waiting~ It's dry ^^
Actually you just have to wait for 15 minutes to get the result but since I'm waiting while playing candy crush....... yeahh, you know *lol* :D

After I washed it!!! *O*
See the difference???! It's being whiter just in 20 minutes? How amazing! ^O^
If you want to whiten and brighten up your skin tone in rush you must have this thing!

By the way, I have tips for you when you wash the lotion 'Because' If you only wash & rub it with your hand, it won't go! seriously, trust me.. I already used this 2 times and it always happen.
So, to wash this you need to use a towel and hot water. ;)
Thank you so much for read~
I hope this review useful for you
See you on my next posts <3!

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  1. wow!!! bisa putih ecara instan ya... pengeeennn.... dmn belinya?

    1. iyaa hehe... Aku sih waktu itu belinya di qoo10 kak :D