The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam "Lemon" Review

by - March 12, 2014

Hello guyss!!!!
Finaly after my exam I have time to do a beauty review today huftt ^_^"
So I'll review facial foam from the face shop. It's herb day 365 cleansing foam in Lemon.
I already have this foam since december 2013! and just review it today -_- Lazy me haha lol
Alright, Let's start~!

The package is so big!!!

Let's try with this make up on my hand~

After I rub it gently~
There's still left a little mark of the make over lipstick (I mark it in the photos) and etude mascara. but after I rub it again, It's all gone :D *wink~ ;)*

This foam smells like Lemon and I really like it
after I use this foam, my face feels sooooo.... Cleann~ <3
This foam is great too for people with oily skin like mine ^^
Thank you so much for read~
I hope this review useful for you
See you on my next posts!! <3

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