Viva Eye Base Gel Review

by - March 13, 2014

Heyyy... <3
Today I want to review eye shadow base from Viva~
Actually I rarely use eye base before eyeshadow because I always forgot, seriously >w< *shy*


In the back of the tube writen the ingredients & how to use this eye base

Swatch time~

The texture is a little bit creamy but not sticky at all~
After I blended

I try this with dark purple eyeshadow from oriflame make that change pallete and here's the result
Left - with out eye base
Right - with viva eye base gel
I think this eye base gel gave a great result for a cheap price~ I got this for only IDR 10.000 ^^
Thank you so much for read~
I hope this review useful for you
See you on my next posts <3!

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