Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream Review

by - April 01, 2014

Welcome April~! Yayy <3
I think this month will be so many review of Cathy doll product >W<

btw, Today I want to review Magic Cream from "Cathy Doll" !!
Well, you may already know this product is from Thailand but it's formulated in korea <3

Like the name, this is a magic cream that can whiten & brighten your skin in a minute! ~<3
 This cream has 2 size, Full size 138ml and Mini size 60ml.
Mine is the full size one.

Description & Effect


The packaging is so cuteee~ It's pink <3!

In the cap it's written Aura color but all of the shade is the same ._. there's no shade chart

Let's give it a try~

As you can see the picture below, the right side is more bright, white, and flawless than the left side.
All you have to do is use Cathy doll magic cream like a body lotion and the best part is you don't have to wash it!! Awesome~<3

I know this cream is used for body part but many beauty bloggers use this in the face too~
I haven't give it a try because some reviews says it makes their face got a break out and some says it's suits their skin perfectly, but my best friend already try it and it's seriously make your face looks so white and bright! 
If you already have a good skin you can just use this and your skin will looks like you wearing nothing but it's so white, bright, and flawless ^O^
It's also have SPF 130 PA+++ so you can use this as a sun block too.

- cute & pink packaging <3
- smells good (flowery scent)
- whiten & brighten your skin in a minute
- can be used for body and face
- SPF 130 PA+++ (so high!)
- come in 2 size (can bring the mini size in the pouch)

- Nothing for now ^O^
- not Travel friendly
(it's easily leak out when I open the cap :O)
- hard to remove
I hope this review useful for you :)
Thanks for read~
See ya on my next posts <3!

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  1. Packagingnya cute banget ^_^
    Thailand terkenal banget ya sama produk yang mutihin tapi kadang terdengar agak serem soal putih memutih hahaha.

    Btw, nice review ^_^

    1. iyah banyak banget produk untuk mutihin kulit dari thailand.
      tapi ini gak permanent kok hehe.. klo di bersihin hilang >.<
      makasih udh mampir ^O^

  2. thailand emang punya produk pemutih instant yang hasilnya bagus ya.tapi saya rada takut kalau yang rada-rada instant hasilnya ;) nice review say

    1. haha iya sih awalnya juga ragu-ragu makenya.. tapi kalo di bersihin hilang ko ;) jd gak permanen hehe
      thanks udh mampir ^O^

  3. Finally ada review dari product ini hihihi, aku kemaren pengen beli krn lumayan terjangkau bgt harganya. Good review dear ^^

    1. Iyah emang lagi diskon say, jadi murah bgt hehee >W<
      thank you ^^

  4. 2 in 1 banget bisa di pake ke muka dan badan.
    Waktu itu kamu beli berapaan?