Lancome New Counter : Event Report

by - April 21, 2014

2 Days ago I have a chance to attend Lancome New Counter celebration at Metro Plaza Senayan , Yayy~ ^O^/ This is my first time go to an event like this and meet fellow beauty bloggers so I feels really exited >W<


So many beauty products that you can try in here~!

Oh, they also launch their new foundation, Lancome Teint visionnaire.
It is foundation and concealer in one packaging~ This foundation is good for daily use and give natural finish ^^

Lancome teint visionnaire

They also give me sample in jar for me to try in shade PO 02 <3

There is also a make over booth ^^

And free french face ilustration! The girl in this picture bellow is Diani Apsari, she's a talented ilustrator.. Her artwork is really awesome~

This was when she start draw me ^^

Tadaaa~ <3 Totally love this!! Really looks like me! :)

The Host :) She's really beautiful and I love her dress! ^^

  Mrs. Heni, the representatives of Lancome Indonesia :D
official announcement of Lancome new counter at Metro plaza senayan

After the official announcement, There is face chart competion..
I don't have the picture when the competion going on because I joined it with ce Jesslyn, they just give us 15 minutes and thanks God we won! <3
I being the model and she's the one that does the make-up ^^
She's really kawaii & lovely~ Also she make over me like a real MUA, even she use her hand to conceal my acne scars!
with ce Jesslyn <3

After the event finished, My sister and I want to go to senayan city but it's raining so we take taxi to get there ._." After that we watched Captain America and have dinner at Yoshinoya :9

Selfie after arrived at home ;) Love the eyebrows ^^

Oh, I also got Goodie bag from Lancome and one more Goodie bag from the face chart competion ^^
The goodie bag

Inside the goodie bag

And this one is from the face chart competion ^^
inside pouch bellow the white one is the same like the goodie bag

Inside the white pouch

So, here all things that I got from the event :D

There's 3 full size products and 10 samples, plus beautiful white pouch <3
Will review them ASAP~ ^^
Thank you for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. Nice to meet you Dewiiii <3
    semoga next time ketemu chit chat bareng :)
    you are pretty and kawaiii tooo >.<

    with love,

    1. nice to meet you too cici Lyne <3
      iyah see you at next event yah :D
      You're more kawaii :3

  2. Wiiihhh ini dia si cantik hehehe. Congrats Dewi ^^
    Ditunggu review product dari face chart competitionnya hihihi

  3. Congrats ya kemarin menang :)

  4. haii semua! Wah Dewi, itu yang hadiah menang face chart-nya apa ajaa? Kepooo, hahaha, di-review nanti ya :)

    1. hai kak intan ^^ dapet 1 pouch yg isiny kyk goodie bag yg lain sama 1 pouch lg isinya sample shower gel, day cream, night cream, sama full size eye cream :D sip2 nanti ku review yah :)

  5. aaw congratz yaa.. so envy dapet produk LANCOME yg the best banget..
    can't wait your review..❤
    btw, salam kenal yaa Dewi ^^
    mind to follow each other?☺
    ✾Yohanna's Blog☆

    1. thank you ^^
      hihi iya lucky bgt nih >.<
      salam kenal juga yah :D
      Followed ^^

  6. Congratulation Dewi.... main2 and follow me ya hihihi... nice to meet you..

    1. thank you ci kania <3
      Followed yah :D
      Nice to meet you too~ ^^