Models Own : Artstix Duo Nail Polish "Snow Mix" Review

by - April 01, 2014

I've been fall in love with nail art & nail polish since I was in junior high school but lately I didn't have time to do nail art T~T
So I think duo nail polish like this is really important to make my nails looks beautiful with out takes a long time to use it
And today, I'll review Artstix Duo Nail Polish from Models Own in Snow Mix ^^

Each colour contains 5ml
and this nail polish is made in England

Actually this nail polish is a gift from my aunty for my mom birthday
but I asked my mom to give it for me and I got into a fight with my little sister to get this, and in the end I gave it to her -_- *what a shame*
by the way, my aunty bought this at Luxola
you can check the price and see the color chart at

The first color is Snow White NP042

and the second color is Ibiza Mix HK 04

So the first step, is use the colour in "point it!" bottle

And then use the colour in "cover it!" bottle

Tadaaaa~ <3

The result is really beautiful, gorgeous, and blinky *v*
It's a little bit hard to remove because of the glitter, but it's fine for me ;)

Do you have this duo nail polish too? what colour is it? ^^

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