Pony Inspired Make up : Miss Party

by - April 16, 2014

Hello Ladiess >W< how are you?? ~
Today I'm making Pony inspired make up with miss party theme.

Is this pose good enough to make me look like pony? hihi lol :P

Actually I want to make turitorial for this make up look but when the eyes turitorial already in the half, I give up because the eyeshadow picure looks really bad T~T 
It's really hard to do eyes turitorial :'(

But first, let me take a #SELFIE ~<3 

So, the product I used to do this make up are :
- Etude house bright fir BB cream
- Ponds pimple and care concealer
- venus by marcks 2 way cake
- viva eyebrow pencil in brown
- oriflame eyeshadow pallete
- the face shop lovely me ex: eyes shimmer in pink
- Y.E.T gel eyeliner in black
- viva lipstick shade number 2
- peripera lip tint balm in orange
- it's skin baby petit blush in peach

the blush not shown really well, even I can say it's not shown at all in the picture T^T
If you have any question or advice for me just leave comment bellow and I'll reply you ASAP ^O^/
Thank you for read~
see ya on my next post! <3

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  1. Cute banget kamu ^_^
    Good luck ya MUC nya, mirip lho ^_^


  2. cute, mirip kok. good luck ya :D

    following you ^^

  3. Wahhh... Ini yang bikin contest bakalan bingung deh. Banyak yang bagus-bagus. Kamu juga bagus banget. Cantikkk....

    Mampir ke blog ku yah. Ada postingan tutorial baru menggunakan warna paling hits tahun ini.


    1. haha iyah banyak bgt yg bagus >.<
      thank you dear ^^
      udh mampir kok tadi.. make up kakak selalu keren2 hihi :D

  4. Miriiippp, cantik deh :D

    I followed you already, follow back ya dear ;)