Bathe Body Lotion Intense Review

by - May 04, 2014

Hello everyone ^^

Have you heard brand named "Bathe"?
Bathe is a brand that based in Bali and sell paraffin + paraben free bath products with natural ingredients~
And today, I'll review Body lotion intense from Bathe that I got from Cosmekita launching party event (click here)

This body lotion has custom-blended scent + spf 15 and it contains 265 ml

Back description



Paraben + Paraffin free <3

The cap

This body lotion is quickly absorbed and not sticky :)
The smells is extremely fresh, like flowery scent ^O^/
I super love this body lotion <3

For more information about Bathe you can go check their website
Thank you for read~
see you on my next post! <3

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