Beauty Class With BO.HO Make-up at Beauty Box Kasablanka

by - May 29, 2014

Hello guyss~ ^^
Long time not blogging because of school stuffs T.T

So, last saturday I joined Beauty Class with BO.HO make-up at Beauty Box Kota Kasablanka
Thanks Kak Carryn for the invitation!! Yayy~ <3

This is before we started the beauty class,
we removed our make-up and use toner, moisturizing cream & serum

This is Kak Agustine, She do the make-up to one model and we just have to follow her step by step. 
She also tell us about Bo.Ho make-up, she said Bo.Ho is make-up products from France~

This is my Table in the middle of the beauty class haha.. 
look so messy >.<

And... this is after I'm done~

The result ^^

I used green eyeshadow because the theme is summer sping make-up look~
Bo.ho make-up have so many products and good for daily use too ^^
To got this look I used all products from Bo.ho :D

Alright, Selfie is a must when I meet some new friends at event or make-up class like this ^^
With Kak Carryn

I met kak Carryn at this make-up class and she's so beautiful!!!!! 

With Kak Carryn

With Kak Rani

I also met again with kak Raden but I don't take a selfie with her hikss T.T Next time I'm sure will take many selfie, Yosh! ^O^/

Group Photo :)

Bo.ho make-up products.. So many!!!

I got mini hampers from beauty box ^O^/

Beauty box Location
There's one in SMS (summarecon mal serpong)!!! it's not too far from my place so maybe I'll join their beauty class again with my friend ^^

So, What's inside?
oscar blandi hair lift~ I give this to my mom since I already have thick & long hair haha

So happy to get this GLAMGLOW sample!!! will try & review this ASAP~

This mini perfume smells really good!!! <3

Okay.. that's all guys~ 
If you want to see the full range of Bo.ho make-up products you can visit their Facebook page or click HERE
Thank you for read ^^
See you on my next post <3

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  1. Rumahku tinggal lompat dari KoKas.. Tp ga pernah tau acara gini gini.. hiksssss..

    Gmn sih tau infonya yaaaa.. huhuhuhu.. Pengennnnn... hahahahahhaha...

    1. aku ke kokas malah jauh bgt kak roos hikss T.T
      info2 gini di grup IBB banyak kok hehe.. sering2 buka aja biar dpt info2 event kyk bgini kak :D