Chiaki Nanami Cosplay - Super Danganronpa 2

by - May 09, 2014

I really like watching anime and reading manga, and because of that I wanna try to cosplay someone from anime that I love since the end of 2013
It's Chiaki Nanami from Super Danganronpa 2
Danganronpa actually a PSP game that being made in the anime version, and Super Danganronpa 2 still in a PSP game only~ I hope the anime come out very soon! >.<
btw, I actually want to cosplay Celestia Ludenberg from Danganronpa at first but after saw Chiaki Nanami I changed my mind lol :D

Actually, I already bought all items for this cosplay since december 2013 but I just wear all of this right now haha

Wondering what Chiaki Nanami looks like? Here's some pictures of her ;)

 If you wondering why I hold PSP in my photos, it's because Chiaki Nanami is Super Duper High School level Gamer, and she bring her PSP all the time :) although her PSP is pink and mine was white :/

Chiaki with Monomi-chan

Alright, enough with introduction..
 Here's some photos that edited by me~

Chiaki Nanami name card

Chu~ :*

Puing~ Puing~ <3

 Now, #SELFIE time~~

Close up~

Zoom Zoom~ <3

That's all~ 
Let me know if you want me to make the turitorial to get this look~!
Thank you for read~ 
See you on my next post! <3
See yaa~~

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