V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Gel Review

by - June 08, 2014

Hello guys~ How are you? ^^
Today I want to review V10 Plus Water based peeling gel :)
Thank you so much V10 Plus Indonesia for sending me this <3

One package of V10 plus water based peeling consist of 10 sachets of peeling gel.

 This peeling made from rice extract and seaweed that effectively remove dead skin cells

There're 8 functions of this water based peeling :
- preventing acne
- helps regenerate skin cells
- make make up more durable and natural
- increase skin absorption of the nutrients of your skin care
- help eliminate blackheads
- brighten and smoothen your skin
- reduce acne scars
- balance oil secretion in your face

This peeling gel made from natural ingredients~

The gel texture is very soft and has no scrub in it ^^ And when you apply it to your face it has cooling effect that refreshing your skin :)

Inside the cover there's the instructions of how to use this peeling gel

First, apply peeling gel to entire face that has been cleaned and dried before, wait for 5 seconds

Then massage your face gently in a circular motion using your hands

Dead skin cells will appear instantly in the form of fine fibers

After that rinse your face with warm water

I really love this peeling gel because it's easy to use and make my skin feels cleaner, brighter, and softer! Makes me wanna touch my face everytime! I will use this peeling gel routinely and I hope my acne scars will fade away soon haha, lol~

This peeling gel price is 270.000 IDR but right now they're having promotion and you can got this awesome peeling gel for only 98.000 IDR!!! A really good deal, huh? ^^

you can order this peeling gel through their facebook page or from their website here :
V10 Plus Facebook Page
Thank you for read~
see you on my next post <3!

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  1. Ya ampun mukamu tirus banget sih, bikin iriiiii :*
    Wah harga promonya super bikin pengen ya!


    1. ahh kak ririe bisa aja >.< ini juga amsih chubby kok hehe..
      iya murah bgt kak jadinya.. malah pas mei promonya cuma 80.000 :D

  2. Replies
    1. iya cii lg murah bgt hrganya haha :D berasa bersih bgt muka abis peeling pake ini ^^

  3. Awesome product for beautiful results.
    Spa De Soleil.