Citra Japanese Wakame & Korean Pink Orchid Launching Event

by - July 18, 2014

Hey guys~

So, last few weeks I attended Citra event at Morissey hotel for launching their new products 
"Citra Japanese Wakame" and "Citra Korean Pink Orchid" ^O^/

The place is really nice, in pool side with many japanese and flowers decoration :D

 Before the event start we can enjoy dinner too~

 Left - Citra Japanese Wakame
Right - Citra Korean Pink Orchid

After we have dinner, the event start with talk show about Citra Japanese Wakame~

Citra Japanese Wakame has 2 products, Body lotion and body serum
The body lotion is like others general hand & body lotion that we know, but the body serum is different! It has gel texture and absorb really fast~ no sticky skin!

You can see the benefit of wakame on picture bellow~
click to zoom

After talking about Citra Japanese wakame, they let us try the body lotion and body serum and compare both with sands to see the difference~

 Left - Body Lotion
Right - Body serum

As you can see on the picture bellow, my left hand that used citra japanese wakame body lotion still left sands but my right hand is clean because the serum already absorb~ seriously it's not sticky at all! I really love this body serum. Also the smells is not too bad ^^
click to zoom

After we try Citra japanese wakame, they tell us about Citra Korean Pink Orchid~
citra korean pink orchid has 2 products, facial foam and face cream

After that then we can try the cream (ofcourse we don't try the facial foam lol~)

 The face cream gives matte finish and has brightening effect
It smells really good!!! <3 I love it~

Selfie time ;)

oh well, this is my first selfie with Kania although we already met 2 times! lol~
With Kania~

I really like Lisa pose in this pic! Sexy as always ^^
With Lisa~

Oh they also has polaroid photo and because it's already night I can get 2 photos~ hahahaha >.<

They also send me goodie bag of Citra Japanese Wakame & Korean Pink Orchid products.. Yayyy <3
Stay tuned for the review kayy~? ^^
Thanks for read <3
See you on my next post~!

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  1. Wah enak nya dewi bsa datang ke event nya citra ( ; 3 ;) #ngarep
    Wah serum nya aku suka, hasil nya terlihat, jd pngen...

    1. hehe iya nih >.< tadinya udh takut ga bisa dateng soalny ga ad yg nganter.. untung ada barengannya kesana hehe :D
      Iya serumnya ga lengket loh, berasa pake aloe vera nya nature republic :3

  2. Aduhhh Muka aku acak adul gitu ihhhh hahaha :D

    Nice post dear.. (^^)

    1. bagus tau kak yg pertamaa hihi >.<

      makasih kak lisaaa :D

  3. Wah, too bad I can't come to the event hehe
    I already tried the Wakame products that they sent me as well, and I love it as well! hehe
    Haven't tried the pink orchid tho, but after reading your review that it gives matte effect, I think I will start using it tomorrow haha
    Nice to know you anyway :)


    1. Yeah I love the wakame serum~!
      Nice to know you too dear ^^