How To Measure Your Bra Size?

by - July 17, 2014

Hello girls~

Are you already use bra with the right size?
Or you don't know how to measure it?
Click read more to know how to measure your bra size :)

Wearing bra with the right size is really important.
Bra size consist of 2 part, number and letter such as 32B, 36D, etc.
Number (32,34,36) is the bust size and letter (A, B, C, D) is the breast size
So how to know the right bra size for you?

1. Bust Size
Measure the circumference of the chest below your breasts with units of inches. 
If the result is even add 4 inches, if the result is an odd number add 5 inches. 
That's your bust bra size.
 For example, your bust size is 29 inches, then your bra size 34. If your bust size of 32 inches, then your bra size is 36.

2. Breast Size
To determine breast size, measure the circumference of the chest right in the middle of your breast in units of inches. 
Breast size is calculated based on the difference of this size with the size of the bust circumference below the breasts that you count in the first step. If the size difference is: 
1 "=> cup size A 
2 "=> cup size B 
3 "=> cup size C
4 "=> cup size D

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Thanks for read~
See you on my next post ^^

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