MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream Shade NO. 21 and NO. 23 Review

by - July 09, 2014

Hello everyone~

So, today I want to review MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream in 2 Shade, "NO. 21" and "NO. 23"

Let's start with the box~


and here's the packaging~
Both shade NO. 21 and NO. 23 has same packaging

It has pump so it's really hygenic
This BB cream contains 50ml each, but from what I know they also have the mini size in 20ml but it has no pump

Now swatch~
Left - NO. 21
Right - NO. 23

no flash

with flash

As you can see the NO. 21 is lighter than NO. 23.
The NO.21 is light beige and NO.23 is natural beige

How if we mix both of this shade together?
no flash

with flash
It's match my skin tone perfectly!
Actually I don't have problem if use only NO. 21 or only NO. 23 but if I mix this shades together it gives me natural light finish result~not to light, not to dark ^O^/ The covering is good too~
btw, this bb cream smells like powder (?)

Here's in my face MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream Shade NO. 21
Left - Before
Right - After

It's brighten up my skin tone also give a little glowing finish (if you want matte finish just put face powder)

Alright, now the selfie after done my make-up using MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream Shade NO. 21 <3

- it has pump
- has mini size
- many shade to choose (from light - dark)
- cover my redness & acne scars really well

- nothing for now :D (except for you who don't like powder smells)

This is the best BB cream that I've tried so far~
Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. Asik ada review Bb cream missha (>///<)
    Photo nya jerni dew, photo pakai apa?
    Nice review & you look so cute ~!

    1. Sik asik hahaha fotonya pake camdig casio aja kok sya, kalo selfienya pake bb armstong hahaha, kalo selfie pake camera malah terlalu jernih sampe2 kalo makeup ga flawless pasti acne scarsnya keliatan :3
      Thank youu~ ah jd malu d blg cute sma org cute hihi

  2. Bagusss, tapi ada whitecast-nya :< samaa sedikit greyish ya? Coba sekalian dipake di leher deh~ biar gak whitecast :)

    1. haha iya :3 hooh agak greyish tp masuk d aku si hehe thank you advicenya ^^

  3. BB Cream favoritku nih ^_^
    Aku punya yang 23, kalo yang 21 kayaknya agak keputihan di aku haha.
    Nice Review Dewi ^_^

    1. Sama ceee *tosss* wkwkwk enak bgt d pakenya~
      aku cobain 2duanya hehe yg 21 emg putih bgt >.<
      thank you ce <3

  4. waa cocok yah dikamu, kalau di aku jadi abu banget XD

    ☆itsbella.com giveaway☆

    1. hehe iya kak jatohnya natural si kalo di aku ^^ haha iya ini emg agak greyish wrnanya :D
      Wah lg hold giveaway ya, aku join ahh hihi

  5. Banyak banget yang review baguss si Misha ini.. heheh.. cm cc blom cobaa.. lebih suka pakai foundie si drpd bbcream.. hihihi

    New Post^^

    1. Iya kak ellen hehe abs liat2 review org jd pgn coba dan ternyata emg bagus lhoo haha >.< iya sih foundie lbh ngecover, tp BB cream udh ad spf nya :3 hihi

  6. cantiknya wiiii ^^ missha bb cream nih terkenal bangeett tapi mahaalll
    btw aku nominasiin di liebster award "http://angiebeautydiaries.blogspot.com/2014/07/second-liebster-award.html"

    1. makasih kka cantik ^^ haha iya sih tp worth it kok, ini aja sekali pake cuma 2 kali full pump udh cover seluruh muka ;)
      wah aku dpt liebster award lg hihi~ makasih kak ^^ will post it soon :)

  7. thank you & you're welcome! ^^ you too dear :D