Cathy Doll Chilly Bomb Sexy Firming Cream Review

by - August 09, 2014

Hey ladies~

Do you ever heard about Chilly Bomb Sexy Firming Cream?
Today I want to review this product from Cathy Doll

This is product from Thailand but formulated in Korea. Cathy Doll has so many products of beauty, skin care, and make-up. I've already review some of cathy doll product such as Cathy doll petit tint shade redy red & pinky pink and Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream .

I always love all cathy doll packaging because it's so cute!!! (cute packaging is number one, point plus for me if it's pink!~ lol)

This Chilly Bomb Sexy Firming Cream contais 260ml

INGREDIENTS (click to zoom)

There're manufacture & expired date in the bottom of the bottle~
You can see on the picture bellow, there's red beads in the cream
I think that's what makes the cream feels hot "?"

The texture just like general body lotion and the smell? LIKEEEE ITTT~ It has lovely sweet scent <3

the red beads

after taking bath, apply the cream to your arm, belly, thight and butt. massage with sircular motion for about 15 - 20 minute until the cream absorb and feels hot, no need to rinsed. used routinely to get the best result.

15 minutes after I apply this cream to my skin, it's starting being hot and sweating a little
feels like my belly fat is burning ahahhaa lol
I think if you used this cream routinely you will get the result that you want~ ofcourse with workout and exercise

the scent doesn't bother me (general slimming cream mostly not smells good) so I think there's no minus in this product, also this cream contains vitamin E, vitamin C and Q10 that good for your skin :D
Thanks for read~
see you on my next post <3!

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  1. Packagingnya super cute♥
    Nice review ^O^

    1. banget kakkk <3 semua packing cathy doll aku suka sih hehe :D thank youu~