Citra Japanese Wakame Hand & Body Lotion and Hand & body serum Review

by - August 07, 2014

Hello everyone~

Today I’ll review Citra Japanese Wakame Hand & body gel lotion and hand & body gel serum that I got from Citra gathering event (read here)

Let’s start with the packaging~
 Citra Japanese Wakame Hand & body gel lotion

Citra Japanese Wakame Hand & body gel lotion has 2 size, 240ml and 120ml.

expired date

description & how to use


Citra Japanese Wakame Hand & body gel serum

Citra Japanese Wakame Hand & body gel serum only has 1 size, 180ml with tube packaging.


 How to use & ingredient

Expired date

The gel lotion color is pastel green and the gel serum is transparent green.
Left – Gel lotion
Right – Gel serum

The texture of gel serum is more light than the gel lotion. After I applied gel lotion to my skin, it feels kinda sticky but it dry really fast and after dried it doesn’t make my skin sticky at all. As for gel serum, it also has sticky feels at first but it dry faster than gel lotion.
I don’t like the scent, It’s refreshing but too strong for me T^T
Overal I really like this hand & body gel. it dry faster than other hand & body lotion and not sticky after application, suitable for summer and for you who too lazy to use body lotion because it’s sticky feels~ also it has brightening function!! <3

Pros :
- dry fast
- not too sticky
- gel texture
- has 2 type (gel lotion & serum)

cons :
- the scent is too strong
Thanks for read <3

See you on my next post~!

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  1. Enak ya citra japanese wakame ini, ga lengket aku udah nyoba^^]


    1. hai aimi ^^ iya enak bgtt trus lg summer gini kan cuacany panas bgt jd pas bgt d pakenya :D
      thanks for visit <3