D'EYEKO Siti Liza Collection Review : Mentari, Juwita, Purnama, Seroja, Asmara

by - August 09, 2014

Holla pretty ladies~

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today I'll review fake eyelashes from D'EYEKO in Siti Liza collection. this is the newest series from them that I got from their launching event here

start with the packaging~

the packaging of D'eyeko siti liza is the same with D'eyeko princess syahrini collection, the different is only the color & picture

on the back of the box there's directions of how to use and how to remove the false lashes

D'eyeko has one buy one promo for this siti liza collection while stock last

alright, let's start with MENTARI





My favorite from all of five is JUWITA and SEROJA because it suit my eyes perfectly, not to heavy or to long ^^ MENTARI is okay, it's juwita look a like but more thick
all D'eyeko false lashes already include mini glue~ 
I think the price is quite affordable if you buy this while the promo last (buy one get one) so one pair only cost IDR 25.000 :)

I own one of d'eyeko princess syahrini collection and it's to long and thick for me, feels so heavy when used it. but siti liza collection falsies is more light and the size fits my eyes (actually this collection made to suit asian girls eyes so we don't have to cuy the falsies again)

overal I like this false eyelashes, easy to get in many department store & made from human hair so it's feels comfy in my eyes ^^

thanks for read~
see you on my next post <3!

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