VIVA Perfecting Eyelash Mascara #Black Review

by - August 10, 2014

Hey hey~

Long time not blogging about mascara, so today I want to review perfecting eyelash mascara from Viva <3


This mascara contain 8ml and made in germany! (I thought this made in Indonesia) :D

It’s still sealed~

The brush applicator for volumizing~

Swatch time~

Waterproof test~

It does waterproof!

after I rub it

How does it look in my eyelashes?
click to zoom
click to zoom

Wow~ it’s volumizing my lashes ^^
I like this mascara but now I’m rarely using mascara because since I know false lashes everything has changed (semua berubah sejak negera api menyerang, lol) padahal aku mantan pecinta mascara lho huhu :3

+ waterproof
+ easy to get in indonesia
+ affordable
+ not clumpy
+ volumizing

Alright that’s all ^^
Thanks for read <3
See you on my next post~!

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  1. Wih bagus juga nih wi ,aku pake maybelline rocket volume sih biasanya ^^
    Nice post

    1. iya ci angiieeee >.< itu pic before afterny ga aku curl dlu loh hehe
      aku sebelumny juga pake maybelline tp yg volume express *toss*
      thank you <3