Yukkiyuna False Eyelashes Review : Feminime, Sparkle & Allure

by - August 04, 2014

Hello girls~

First post in august ^^ sorry for not posting anything until a week because of internet issue but it's already fixed now and I want to review false lashes that 100% made in Indonesia *Proud <3*
It's Yukkiyuna False Eyelashes~

The packaging is so cute! and it's pink <3
"Look deeply into my eyes and feel my heart~" >.<

Yukkiyuna lashes made from human hair and can re-used for several times

Yukkiyuna has 3 series of upperlash and 1 series of lowerlash lashes :
- Sweet look
classy, innocent, angel, nature, pure, delight, feminime, blossom
- Dolly look
sparkle, twinkle, kiss, romance, merry, charm, lovely, bright
- Queen look
luxury, diva, deluxe, precious, twilight, victory, lady, allure
- Perfect look (lowerlash)
hope, glory, faith, miracle, dream, wish, joyful, bless

I'll review upperlashes each from sweet series (Feminime), dolly series (sparkle), and queen series (allure)

Let's start with Feminime~

Next, Sparkle~!

Last, Allure~

All yukkiyuna lashes is really comfortable to use and you can get this with really affordable price, only IDR 15.000/pair without glue, and IDR 20.000/pair with mini glue ^O^/

LINE : @yukkiyuna
Phone : 08980570630
Instagram : @yukkiyuna
Thanks for read~
See you on my next post ^^

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  1. Bukunya tipis dan halus ya dewi kelihatannya, aku belum pernah coba yg ini.

    1. iya kak jd nyaman d pakenya hihi ini human hair si jd halus bgtt ^^

  2. ah aq juga pake yukki yuna tapi yang sama cuman sparkle aja.. :D

    emang enak bulmat yg satu ini.. ga bikin sakit kalo dipakai...
    oh iya bulmat bawahnya juga keren loh say.. :D


    1. hihi ad yg samaa *toss* aku suka bgt yg sparkle sma allure :D
      aku jarang pake bulmat bawah si jd d rumah stokny msh banyak hahaha
      thanks for visit dear <3

  3. Replies
    1. hihi iya jd dolly gitu ya >.< ga terlalu berat juga bentuknya :D
      I'll join ^^ thanks for visit <3