CUP CAKE Original Little Baby Underarm Cream Review

by - September 01, 2014

Hii~! Welcome September <3

Today I'll review Cup Cake Original little baby underarm cream from Thailand! Yes, another skincare from thailand ^^
The packaging is cute~ like cookie? :3

What they claim :
- This cream won't cause allergies & irritation.
- Contains natural ingredient extracts such as rose, German chamomile, aloe vera and mulberry.
- Lightens dark underarms, doesn't stains on clothes, moisturize rough armpit area
- reduce hair growth, reduce body odor
- can be used for cracked heels and insect bites
- does not clog pores


Well, here's the packaging!! cute baby blue color with touch of vintage flower <3

I think the jar lid is strong so you don't have to worry the cream will coming out by it self~

the cream color is white and I can't describe how it smells,  it almost has no scent

The cream texture is like body cream, not too creamy and watery
it absorb really fast and doen't leave any sticky feels
I use this cream after taking bath and my underarm can stay dry for all day!!
and for long usage it seriously lighten your armpit~!
love love this underarm cream ^_^

Pros :
- not sticky
- absorb fast
- keep my underarm dry (gak burket itu loh haha)~
- can be used for cracked heels and insect bites
- lighten my underarm

Cons :
- quite pricey

I got this CUP CAKE Original Little Baby Underarm Cream from @kireiskincare ^^ check their Instagram for original and ready stock thailand skin care

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. ngga ada foto before afternya ya wi? :3 *kabur*
    just kiddinggg XD btw baru pertama kali dgr brand thailand little baby ini *.*

    1. cicii!! >.< malu ah :3
      aku juga baru denger pas dikirimin produk ini.
      kalau gak salah little baby ada soap bar-nya juga.
      Baru masuk pasaran indo sih kayaknya hehe ^^

  2. It is a good cream for underarm for new born baby.It is easily use and it is antibiotic cream.


    1. I don't think this is suitable for baby skin. It's not an antibiotic cream dear :)

  3. Do you think this can be applied to nipples and can make it pink/lighter??

    1. No.. there's another product from thailand to make lips & nipples pink/lighter :) it's baby gluta kiss if I'm not mistaken? ^^

  4. Nice review ! :) FYI, i think she's using your pics --->

    1. Thank you for let me know~! she's using all my photos :( already leave comment but wll visible after approval T^T so sad

    2. Hey Dewi
      I just bought it :)
      Did it really lighten your armpits?

  5. Hi! How long did you use the cream and see the difference? I ordered one and I want to know if it really works. Thanks! 😊

  6. Hi Dewi, where can I buy this in Thailand?what's the name of the store?

  7. Hi,I am in Hong Kong and I want to take a order from Thailand to Hong Kong,How I can do it?please contact me by

  8. Where can I buy that in Thailand Bangkok

  9. Where can i buy that in philippines when my hometown is located at Batangas or Calamba

  10. Where can i buy that in philippines when my hometown is located at Batangas or Calamba

  11. Where can i buy that in philippines when my hometown is located at Batangas or Calamba

  12. kegunannya hanya untuk mencerahkan yaa? bukan untuk menghilangkan bulunya?

  13. How long does it take to completely lighten dark underarms if used daily??��