Estee Lauder Global Premiere Makeup Artist Event

by - September 22, 2014

Hello everyone~

Yesterday, I was invited to Estee Lauder Event at Plaza Senayan by Auzola <3 *thanks dear ^O^*
In this event there's Makeup Demo by Vincent Xu. He's estee lauder Global Premiere Makeup Artist from China.

The event start from 1pm but I'm arrived there at 11am, so I decided to have lunch first :P
After that I go to estee lauder counter but still no one there yet so I take a lot of pictures and trying their makeup products

Love this loose powder *_*

Because my liptint gone after lunch I'm trying estee lauder lasting creme lipstick in shade coral fantasy

pardon my bare face :O

Also their new lipstick, envy shine in shade 310 delicate

The event opened by erfan, the PR of estee lauder

And then the makeup demo by vincent xu is start~

first is skin care

and then he apply foundation & powder

Next, eyemakeup~ he draw eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and amscara.
He's using green color for the eyeshadow, inspired by new york fashion week~

Then he apply blusher & highlighter

Last, apply the lipstick~

the first final look~

look who's here? haha

here's the second final look. he change the lips color~
the color reminds me of once upon a time & maleficent :3

this is theresia, the model for this makeup demo, she's a fashion blogger. (kapan gue kurus kayak gini yaaa? hahaha >.<)

I intentionally come with bare face (only used eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and liptint) so I can ask vincent to makeover me hohos~
And here's the result <3
he's using estee lauder BB Cream that mixed with advance night repair serum, then he applied compact powder, blush, and lip gloss.

Photobomb with Vincent Xu :D

Not forget to take a group photo!! :D

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3!

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  1. Buseeed dewiiiii kilattttt yaaakkk!!! Wkwkwkwkwk....

    1. Iya dong kak fiaaaa hahhaa kebetulan libur PKL nya hari senin jd langsung nulis dah haha :D

  2. Hahahah Mantap sekali kamu nak,,, kayak shinkansen ya :D cepat banget :p nice nice,,,,

    1. kalo di indo kayak commuter line kak lisaa haha :P
      ayo segera post :3 kutunggu review lipstickmu :D

  3. Looks like you had a ton of fun at the event!
    Also good on you for getting that makeover! ^^ I might have done the same. haha.

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. yes I am ^^ yeah I got the make over at the last minute so It's a lucky :3 thanks for visit <3

  4. Wi..dapet goodie bag ya? Isinya apa wi? bikin penasaran. hehehe

    1. goodiesnya milih sendiri ci bebe. aku ambil double wear foundienya :3 rata2 pada ambil double wear sih ^^

  5. Hello Dewi :) salam kenal yaaa...
    sayang kita ga sempet ngobrol banyak waktu disana...
    btw aku ijin simpan foto2 nya, buat dokumentasi pribadi..

    1. hai ci thesaa.. salam kenal juga >.<
      iya next time smoga bisa chit chat bareng ya ^^
      sip deh ciii :D