Pasjel Green "Sweet Sugar Scrub" Review

by - September 29, 2014

Sawaddi Kha (Hello)~ 

I hope you not get bored with thailand skin care review on my blog haha ^^
Today I want to review Pasjel Green "Sweet Sugar Scrub". I also already review Pasjel everbright blur body cream here.

Directions :
Scrubs or cover your body skin and leave for 10-15 minutes before taking shower

contains vitamin B3, A, C, E for bright and healthy skin~

manufacture date

The packaging is not travel friendly because the scrub will easily leak out.
when I receive this, the scrub is already cover the jar T^T what a waste~

manufacture date

This is the scrub~

Not like Pasjel everbright blue, this one not sealed inside and that why this one can leak out.

This scrub smells like honeydew (exactly like "jasjus melon") haha trust me :D

the scrub has red color. maybe it's made from brown sugar (?) lol

Scrub, Scrub <3

It's smoothen & brighten my skin in one usage!
Perfect body scrub for you who want smooth, white, and clean skin~

Pros :
- smells nice (jasjus melon haha)
- brightening
- smoothen & cleanse my skin
- refreshing

Cons :
- quite pricey but worth it~
- not travel friendly

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. Gede ya yg ini, rada mahal juga hehe

    1. iya kak gede kayak yang biru >.< iyah 200an T^T

  2. Can you help me too choose best colour for my skin,my skin is buff color ,and I want a colour that have not rose(pink)tone,please help me ,which number I should choose