Secret Key Telling U CC Cream Review

by - September 09, 2014

Hello guys~ <3

So sorry cannot post many review this lately because I'm still on practical job from school for one month :( always arrived home at the evening T^T
well, today I want to review Secret Key Telling U CC Cream that I got from Gratefulbeauty shop ^^ 
Secret key have 2 range of CC Cream :
- Let me know (I already review it here)
- and Telling U
Telling U CC Cream have SPF50+ PA+++

contains 30ml

The tube color reminds me of ba*ilaco cc cream cream haha

The applicator is sealed at first~

Swatch <3

The color will changing and match your skin perfectly

As you can see it's whitening my skin and gives natural & glowing finish
I really love this CC cream since the texture is not to heavy and it have more skin care functions than BB cream, Although BB cream coverage is greater than CC cream ^^

Pros :
- glowing & natural finish
- whiten & brighten your skin
- affordable price
- easy to get at online shop
- SPF 50+ PA+++

Cons :
- so so coverage
- Not suitable for you who love matte finish

Don't forget to visit Gratefulbeauty shop and check their album! So many korean skin care & makeup~ they open share in jar too :D

Thanks for read~
See on my next post :)

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  1. It gives such a dewy and glowy finish! ^ ^

    1. yeah I love dewy finish than matte finish :D thanks for visit paige~ <3

  2. Hi! Can you tell me the difference between the Let Me Know and Telling U cc cream (I looked at your reviews of both already). Which one is more moisturizing? Thank you~

    1. Hello.. If I compare both, it's Telling U that more moisturizing :) Hope it helps~