SKIN79 Super Beblesh Balm BB Triple Functions "Green" Review

by - September 02, 2014

Holla guys~

H-1 before I start my practical job (yes, again T^T) hopefuly my face don't get worser
Anyway, today I want to review BB Cream from SKIN79, Super Beblesh Balm BB Triple Functions in 'Green' packaging.
there's 7 colors that you can choose~

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I pick the green one because the shade match my skin tone and this one is for who has combination & oily skin (so me >.<)

Contains 40gr

scan it? haha :D


Manufacture & expired date

I love the packaging <3 the green color looks fresh~

This is pump-type so there's no cap, to use this just push the top of the tube :D

and it will coming out from here~

the manufacture & expired date is printed in the bottom of the tube too~

Swatch ^^

left - without
right - with SKIN79 BB Cream "Green"

the color is really bright, like shade NO.21 from missha perfect cover bb cream
I really like this bb cream because with a little amount I can cover my uneven skin
also this BB cream has nice scent like powder but soft and not too strong <3
the oil control is good too~

Pros :
- has 7 colors to choose
- great packaging, pump-type
- good oil control
- easy to get in Indonesia (once I see this in guardian)
- smells nice

Cons :
- not suitable for people with dark skin tone

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Thanks for read~
see you on my next post <3

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