Bigger Eyes for Monolid Tutorial

by - October 04, 2014

Hello everyone~!

So once upon a time, someone comment on my blog and she requested a makeup turitorial & tips for monolid eyes. So I do the turitorial, take all the photos, move it to my computer, and forget to edit it and it's already one month since I made this, lol :D so sorry but here it is ^O^/
Just a simple turitorial for people with moolid eyes and want bigger eyes <3

Here's me selfie with this eye makeup look and sorry for my bare face (messy hair don't care, lol). 
I only put makeup on my right eye and do this selfie just for comparison.

See the difference? my eyes has NO crease at all T^T too much fat on the eyes lololol hahaha >.<

Well you see my face last month is less pimple & acnes but right now it's coming again!!! So much pimple & acnes or we indonesian people called 'bruntusan' T_T also redness and blackheads plus whiteheads *sakitnya tuh disini.. muka ga mulus2* huhuu
Now I'm trying ac star toner & spot gel from beyond, use nature lulur wajah green tea and drink acnes capsules or we called kapsul/jamu jerawat hahaha. Also I do sauna when I have free time and won't do makeup the next day (because if I do sauna in the morning, my pimples all will become red & my face feels really hurt until the next morning. After that it's all become dry, no redness, no new pimple and I love it ^^).
Will make a blogpost about it once my face free from this 'bruntusan' and share the tips & all products that I used :)

Thanks for read~
See you on my next post <3

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  1. thank you tipsnya ceceee:D
    sangat membantu sekaliii apalgi yg punya mata sipit hehe^^

    mind to follback ce? ^^

    1. sama2 ^^ iyah aku sama skali ga ada lipetan soalnya hahaa >.<
      done yah :)